Thursday 16 October 2014

New body kit / wheel arch mounting.

As anyone who has taken the bodykit off a 5 GTT will know, the mounting bolts tend to pull out of the plastic kit. And sure enough no matter how gentle i was and how much penetrating oil I used, I found nearly all of my bolts ripped out.

The back arch you can reach the nuts inside the wheel arch easily enough, but on the front you need to remove (or twist out of the way) the black plastic wheel arch liner to reach the bolts.

What I did was to buy a pack of M6 stainless bolts. Then I cut the heads off the bolts and glued the remaining piece into the hole in the bumper where the old bolt used to live. First though I drilled out the hole slightly bigger than the size of the bolt. I then used some EVOSTICK number 5 adhesive to bold the new bolts into the holes. It looked like in the pic above. Not a bad result. I then used some new washers and M6 locking nuts on the inside of the arches to hold them in place.

Getting the old bit of bolt out which remained attached to the carbody was a bit fiddly and involved my angle grinder with a cutting disc. I did scuff up the bodywork a little around where the bolt came through, but as this is all hidden behind the wheel arches, a lick of rust preventing paint should hide things nicely.

The actual side skirts themselves simply slip onto clips which you clip to the rivits on the side. The OE kit is then rivited along the bottom to the bottom sill. I used some self tapping screws instead in case I ever need to remove it again.

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  1. Cheers for that was wondering how to get the rear arches off to push out a car park ding!