Thursday 16 October 2014

Air Horns....

The standard 5 GTT has a single air horn fitted, the compressor sits bolted behind the header tank on the passenger front wing and the trumpet is behind the bumper. Mine wasnt performing great and I found this twin FIAMM air compressor sitting in my garage.

Id already moved the header tank out as im fitting that in the drivers side bulk head, which left the old bracket and horn compressor looking a bit unsightly on the inner wing. The relay and wiring is long enough, so I have mounted the new horn & trumpets in the space where the original trumpet was just under the passengerside headlamp.

Foolishly I have not tried to fit the bumper, indicator or headlamp yet so I may well encounter some problems in the future if the new horn fouls things, but we shall see.

It also means that side of the engine bay has more space in it now, so I can experiment with where I put the air filter.

Some people build an air box by panelling off that part of the engine bay between the passenger strut mount & the front of the car and fit the air filter in there. I might just bolt it straight onto the turbo and direct cold air to it via some ducting...

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