Monday 18 August 2014

Clearing out the boot

Thought id make a start on the interior a bit. It needed a lick of paint. First of all I had to clear out the rubbish id left in the back. An old battery charger, some old bits of wire, some oily racks to mention a few bits.

But I did find a brand new OE oil filter and these 2 bits which I was very pleased to find.

The missing towing eye cover!!!!! These are pretty rare as nearly 99% of Renault 5`s I see have them missing. And also a brand new door catch which I desperately need as my sagging doors have shredded mine!

I also found a new braided oil feed hose for the turbo. Sods law really, as id already bought another one as I couldnt find the one I bought years back. Still, its handy to have a spare, or I can always sell it on.


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